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It examines whether gender is biologically or socially constructed and how notions of femininity and masculinity are re produced. Students will analyze the workings of power and the social production of inequality in institutions such as the family, the workplace, and the state, taking into the intersections among gender, race, class, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality. Topics will include sexual and gender violence, equal rights, reproductive technologies, body image, and transnational feminist issues.

This course introduces students to Women sex Denison many conflicted attitudes and images around men, women, and sexuality found in the Bible, from the very different creations of Adam and Eve to Revelation's representation of the Roman Empire as the "whore" of Babylon; from the assertive and sexually suspicious female figures of Ruth and Rahab to Jesus' uncertain masculinity in s of his death. We will ask: does the Bible support heterosexuality and decry homosexuality? In addition to close, historically-oriented study of select biblical texts, students will be acquainted with core readings in contemporary gender theory.

Barriers in healthcare delivery, at healthcare system and provider levels, exist for women, trans people, and non-binary people. Evaluating the complexities of these gendered health issues involves both scientific literacy and sociocultural literacy.

Women sex Denison

This course provides a fundamental understanding of how biological system structures and functions are related, specific to the female human body. This course promotes proficiency in oral communication through practice in a variety of formats that typically occur in biology and women's and gender studies.

Women sex Denison

This is an empowered self-defense course that will equip participants with verbal and physical skills to defend themselves in a variety of situations. The class combines emotional, mental and physical strategies that address situations ranging from street and job harassment, dating abuse, threats and harassment, conflicts with acquaintances and sexual assault. Based on empowerment principles of choice, context, systems of abuse, intersectionality and identity, students will learn how to manage their adrenaline, respond to threat and fear, and ground themselves in times of stress with simple easy to learn techniques.

These skills are practical for everyday situations. A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit. As experiences, pain and healing would seem to be straightforward: something is broken or hurting, and is in need of fixing. This course explores a range of themes around bodily wholeness and bodily breakdown in contemporary worlds and in the ancient world including ancient Christian literature, ancient medical literature, and ancient practices around illness and healing.

It asks how ancient people understood their symptoms and their illnesses in relationship to the larger social body and divine beings, comparing these notions with contemporary assumptions and practices. It tracks the way body, psyche and society are not always easily distinguished, and the way religion in the contemporary world figures, sometimes invisibly, in diagnosis and treatment. Lastly, we Women sex Denison engage in self-reflective writing about Women sex Denison own experiences with health, illness, and healing.

CLAS This course compares and evaluates a variety of theories which attempt to explain the origins, persistence and effects of gender in American society. In particular, it explores a of settings that may include: the family, the work place, the political arena, religious activity, violence against women, and face-to-face interactional contexts. Special attention is given to the ways in which race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation shape gender experiences.

Women sex Denison

Although its primary focus is American society, the course compares problems of sexual inequality in American society with other, quite different, societies in order to gain a comparative understanding of how discrimination, prejudice, and structural inequality, wherever they are found, create special problems for women. Throughout, the focus is on learning to use structural, historical, and theoretical information as guides to understanding social change and the choices facing women and men.

Women sex Denison

The course will analyze artworks by Latina and Latin American women artists that address power inequalities within the intersections of class, gender, and race. There will be a focus on the often-overlooked role of Latina and Latin American women artists in political, social, and cultural movements. Women sex Denison will be expected to think critically about feminist theories, particularly intersectional feminism, while visually and socially analyzing various works of art made by Latina and Latin American women in both Latin America and the U.

This is an upper level photography course that asks students to consider the photograph as a disruptive force with potential Women sex Denison for re-imagining relationship to self, history, document, and time. Using a specifically BIPOC Black Indigenous People of Colorfeminist and queer representation of artists and theorists, students will be asked to critically engage with the issues and possibilities of non-dominant story and document.

Students will be encouraged and supported to find their own empowered creative and critical voice to speak back to traditionally white hetero-patriarchal power. Students will further their knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop, and learn basics of Adobe Premiere.

Historically, women have played an integral role in musical traditions around the world, although the extent of their contributions has only recently been recognized and studied in an academic context. This course traces the development and current state of women's roles in music, including Western art music composers, performers, critics, and teachers: performers of popular American genres such as jazz, country, and rock; and performers of popular "World Beat" and traditional world musics.

This course surveys the history of women in the United States from to the present. We will explore the lived experiences of many different kinds of women and analyze the ways in which other of identity -- race, ethnicity, nationality, class, sexual orientation, age, etc. We will also explore the development of feminist consciousness among U. Selected poetry and prose by women guide inquiries into writing and gender and into related issues, such as sexuality, history, race, class, identity and power. What is women's spiritual activism in our contemporary society?

What can we learn from those who have struggled to bring gender equality and peace in human society? Is religion anti-feminist or feminism anti-religious? In spite of cultural, racial and religious diversity among women across the globe, women often share the similar stories of physical and psychological suffering caused by their institutionalized religions and societies.

Many of these women also testify that their religions enabled them to resist injustice and to build up solidarity with others including men. This course invites the students to explore the spiritual journeys of the feminist activists--their struggles for justice for all humanity. In this class we will critically examine and evaluate the cultural construction and representation of gender and sexuality in contemporary American mass media, and trace their development throughout the 20th century.

We will focus on a variety of mass-produced commercial media texts, surveying television, magazines, advertising, and popular music. Although gender is the primary identity construction examined in this course, we will pay close attention to other aspects of identity that define American women, such as ethnicity, class, and sexuality.

Women sex Denison

We will investigate representational issues in relation to their political repercussions, and draw from a broad range of academic literature, including feminist television criticism, film theory, cultural studies, communication theory, and popular music criticism.

This topics seminar is cross-listed with a course in the Humanities and satisfies the Humanities distribution requirement for the Women's and Gender Studies major. This topics seminar is cross-listed with a course in the Arts and satisfies the Arts distribution requirement for the Women's and Gender Studies major. This topics Women sex Denison is cross-listed with a course in the Social Sciences and satisfies the Social Sciences distribution requirement for the Women's and Gender Studies major.

This topics seminar is cross-listed with a course in the Sciences and satisfies the Sciences distribution requirement for the Women's and Gender Studies major. This class explores Black women's leadership orientations in organizations.

Afrocentric and womanist frameworks are used to inquire about Black women's leadership in the context of their lives. In this course we explore and theorize Black women's use of communal and generative leadership orientations as well as their application of a multiple and oppositional consciousness. Organizational dilemmas stemming from their race, class, and gender, as well as the unique challenges Black Women sex Denison leaders face in creating a supportive life structure are examined.

Students will critique the omission of Black women's leadership styles in the mainstream theories about leadership, as well as explore the implications of Black women's leadership for expanding mainstream theory. This course fulfills the Women of Color in the U. This course frames Western concert dance as a complex political activity made public through various agendas of race, creed, national origin, sexuality, and gender.

In this way, the course is less about coming to know a canon of "masterworks" and more about learning how to interrogate dance in many cultures from multiple perspectives. Students will be expected to engage in movement activities as a method toward an embodied understanding of theory, but will not be evaluated on their movement performance or ability. No dance experience necessary.

Feminism and philosophy both make the invisible visible, the implicit explicit. Both make us aware of assumptions we make in our everyday lives and challenge us to justify them. This course examines ways in which feminist theory enriches philosophy and vice versa.

How does feminism destabilize philosophy and affect philosophical conceptions of knowledge, metaphysics, agency, or morality? How does philosophy enrich feminist understandings of oppression, privilege, or equality?

Women sex Denison

We will consider a range of forms of oppression and privilege, particularly as they affect women. We will consider philosophical conceptions of sex, gender, and race. What kinds of agency do they foster and what kinds of agency do they inhibit? How does resistance to oppression and privilege lead to social change?

Are knowledge and reality themselves gendered and, if so, in what sense? We will examine these issues in the context of debates about gender violence, work and family, as well as feminist ethics and epistemologies. This course aims to make feminist sense of contemporary wars and conflicts. It analyzes the intersections between gender, race, class, and ethnicity in national conflicts.

Women sex Denison Women sex Denison

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