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In the lifestyle, the illustrious and illusive single female is often referred to as the Unicorn. For many couples, she is the one fantasy that is desired above all else. Yet, she is the most difficult to attain.

Swingers fresno ca. Swinging.

Even Fantasies Should be Realistic. Here, we see economic principles come into play- scarcity vs. Single females are a rare commodity in the lifestyle, but they are out there. The mistake that many couples make in their quest for the unicorn is setting their expectations out of their reach.

Many people seem to be seeking the young, attractive Barbie doll type to fulfill their fantasies of a girl-girl threesome. While it's wonderful to have high expectations, one must realize that the 'fantasy' girl may remain just that- a fantasy, if that set of criteria is adhered to.

You'll come to find that due to the ratio of single females to couples and singles males on a swingers' site, single females, regardless of age and appearance, will almost always have the advantage. The high demand alone will ensure that almost any type of single female can easily find bedmates of her liking.

Broaden Your Horizons. Women that possess youth and beauty have their pick of almost any man they desire because they are so sought after. So again, there is little incentive for them to go to bed with a couple that wishes to use them to fulfill their fantasy.

Swingers fresno ca. Swinging.

Chasing unicorns of this type is usually a fruitless effort, and will serve to cause only frustration and disappointment. The chances of a couple luring a beautiful young unicorn into bed are extremely slim. There are plenty of couples that do not place so many strict requirements on attaining a single female, and are more than willing to have the time of their lives with a lady of average age and average looks. Personality and physical prowess can make for a great time in bed. There are advantages to seeking an older woman as a bedmate. Some people falsely equate youth and beauty with dynamic bedtime skills.

While there are certainly plenty of skilled young ladies out there, one may find that with age comes experience. Certainly, the most important goal for the vast majority of swingers is to experience something dynamic in bed, and a more mature woman may be able to provide the experience to fulfill your goal more than an inexperienced younger woman may. Older women also tend to be more secure and self-assured, and less likely to need any kind of attachment in order to partake in adult experiences with a couple.

Obviously, the aforementioned generalizations are just that- general. There are always exceptions to the proverbial 'rules'. Treat Her Properly. If you truly wish to have a chance with a single fem, befriend her. From experience, this has been the best way to make a single lady feel comfortable with a sexual experience. Women, more than men, need to feel a certain comfort level, especially when sharing themselves sexually with not one, but two people at once.

She'll most likely need to get to know you a Swingers fresno ca. Swinging. first, since most women don't regularly practice jumping into bed with a couple. Don't pressure, don't make it your main prerogative, or allude to, getting busy. Act as if anyone would when making new friends, and get to know her. Have fun, do dinner, go to a club and talk as friends.

If, after a while, she's comfortable with you, her Swingers fresno ca. Swinging. language will betray her desires. Even if your dreams do not come to fruition, you have still made a fast friend. If you don't end up sleeping with her, please don't give her the cold shoulder because she didn't give herself to you.

Otherwise, she'll know you were after one thing, and that hurts. None of us are in the lifestyle to hurt others.

Swingers fresno ca. Swinging.

After all, most of us have been at the receiving end of such deception, and we know how cruel it is. Bottom line, treat the lady like a person, and you'll go a long way. This is not only a lifestyle skill, but a life skill as well.

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Swingers fresno ca. Swinging.

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