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Comprehensive Substitute Solutions began service in with four Greater Cincinnati school districts. Our mission is to provide cost savings to districts by specializing in the hiring, management, and payroll of substitute teachers, aides, custodians, food service, and secretaries.

Today, we provide this service for 30 school districts in Hamilton and Clermont counties and employ over active substitutes. As school districts our service, we transition their current substitutes to our employment. Of course, those substitutes remain loyal to the students and staffs with whom they work. But they also enjoy the additional value Sub needed please Substitute Solutions brings them, such as Aesop support, training opportunities, and assistance in securing more substitute work including potential long term substitute asments.

Comprehensive Substitute Solutions has quickly grown into a valuable partner for area school districts looking to save money and increase their substitute fill rates. Our service of non-teaching substitutes continues to grow through a partnership with Rachel Wixey and Associates.

We provide fulfillment assistance for all unfilled teaching and non-teaching asments by placing live calls in the evenings and mornings to available substitutes. We regularly consult with our member districts to maximize Aesop efficiency and improve district practices that impact substitutes, including substitute recruitment and retention. Please contact me if you are interested in beginning or expanding substitute service with Comprehensive Substitute Solutions. Matt Wendeln matt. Substitute services may vary by district:.

Sub needed please

Have an open mind. Be there to serve. Think of your students as your employer.

Sub needed please

They deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Be verbal regarding your desire to be there and let them know you care with your actions and words of encouragement. If you want to get students to be productive and listen, find a way to connect with them. Only after you connect with them on some level do you get the best out of them. If they are working on a project, allow them some freedom to quietly work together.

Smile a lot and be positive. Be open to sub for intervention special education teachers. I never would have gone back to school to pursue a degree in special education if I had not subbed for that position. I thought I wanted to be a first grade teacher.

I am now extremely passionate about special education.

Sub needed please

Establishing your student expectations from the very start is key to having a smooth day. Students may try to test you as a sub, but if you follow through with what you say and do, they will respect your authority much more. Accident Exposure Supervisor Accident Investigation. Twyla Penn — East Twyla. Penn hcesc. Williams hcesc. Faller hcesc.

Sub needed please

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