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PubMed Central. The study consisted of a repeated-measures de with a baseline control period and involved 30 people with MS who had the ability to walk 25 feet with or without a cane 26 individuals were included in the analyses. Nintendo Wii was set up in the homes of participants, who were prescribed a Wii Fit exercise program lasting 14 weeks, 3 days a week.

The Physical Activity and Disability Survey, Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, and item Short Form Health Status Survey were administered three times before participants gained access to Wii Fit control period, at 2-week intervalsand three times after they received Wii Fit posttest 1: immediately after; posttest 2: 7 weeks after; posttest 3: 14 weeks after. Mobility, balance, strength, and weight were assessed at the first pretest, immediately prior to obtaining access to Wii Fitand 7 weeks after obtaining access to Wii Fit.

from the questionnaires indicated that PA ificantly improved at week 7, but at week 14, PA levels declined relative to week 7 and the difference was no longer ificant compared with the control period. Physical assessments indicated that balance and strength ificantly improved at week 7. One adverse event was reported repetitive knee Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit.

Physical assessments indicated that people with MS may be able to improve their fitness levels by using Wii Fit. Future studies should incorporate behavior change strategies to promote long-term use of Wii Fitand explore whether individuals with more severe symptoms of MS can safely use Wii Fit. Comparison between Nintendo Wii Fit aerobics and traditional aerobic exercise in sedentary young adults. Exergaming is becoming a popular recreational activity for young adults. The purpose was to compare the physiologic and psychological responses of college students playing Nintendo Wii Fitan active video game console, vs.

Twenty-one healthy sedentary college-age students mean age Physiologic parameters measured included heart rate, rate pressure product, respiratory rate, and rating of perceived exertion. Participants' positive well-being, psychological distress, and level of fatigue associated with each exercise modality were quantified using the Subjective Exercise Experience Scale.

The mean maximum heart rate HRmax achieved when exercising with Wii Fit Participants' rating of perceived exertion when playing Wii Fit College students have the potential to surpass exercise intensities achieved when performing a conventional standard for moderate-intensity exercise when playing Nintendo Wii Fit "Free Run" with a self-selected intensity.

We concluded that Nintendo Wii Fit "Free Run" may act as an alternative to traditional moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in fulfilling the American College of Sports Medicine requirements for. Intervention Group 1 consisted of elderly individuals with regular Nintendo " Wii Fit " experience for at least 1 year.

Elderly persons who were novices to the Nintendo " Wii Fit Plus " participated in intervention Group 2. Participants of both intervention groups played the Nintendo " Wii Fit Plus" for 10 minutes twice a week during 12 weeks. This study showed an effect of Nintendo " Wii Fit Plus" gaming on physical activity of nursing home residents, but not on their balance. The effect of physical activity should be consolidated in a randomized controlled trial in a broader population. Nintendo Wii Fit for balance rehabilitation Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit patients with Parkinson's disease: A comparative study.

Impaired postural stability places individuals with Parkinson's disease PD at an increased risk for falls. We evaluated the effectiveness of 10 vs. Twenty-seven patients, Patients with PD were consecutively ased to one of two groups receiving either 10 or 15 sessions low dose or high dose group, respectively with Nintendo Wii Fit in recovering balancing ability.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

All outcome measures were collected at baseline, immediately following the intervention period, and 1-month following the end of the intervention. The patients undergoing the 10 sessions demonstrated ificantly improvement on the balance performances Tinetti balance and gait scales, BBS and BSF all, P Nintendo Wii Fitbut no ificant group effect or group-by-time interaction was detected for any of them, which suggests that both groups improved in the same way.

The suggest that functional improvement can be made in fewer visits during outpatient rehabilitation sessions with Nintendo Wii Fit improving the efficiency of intervention. All rights reserved. Effects of Nintendo Wii Fit Plus training on ankle strength with functional ankle instability. They were randomized to a strengthening training group and a balance training group with 10 subjects in each, and they performed an exercise using Nintendo Wii Fit Plus for 20 minutes. In addition, every participant completed preparation and finishing exercises for 5 minutes, respectively. Consequently, it is recommended to add the balance training program of the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus to conventional exercise programs to improve ankle muscle strength in functional ankle instability at a low cost.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

Potential benefits of nintendo wii fit among people with multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal pilot study. Validity and reliability of Nintendo Wii Fit balance scores. Interactive gaming systems have the potential to help rehabilitate patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The Nintendo Wii Balance Board, which is part of the Wii Fit game, could be an effective tool to monitor progress during rehabilitation because the board and game can provide objective measures of balance.

However, the validity and reliability of Wii Fit balance scores remain unknown. To determine the concurrent validity of balance scores produced by the Wii Fit game and the intrasession and intersession reliability of Wii Fit balance scores. Descriptive laboratory study. Sports medicine research laboratory. Twelve Wii Fit balance activities were completed during 2 test sessions separated by 1 week.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

The normalized reach distance was recorded for the anterior, posteromedial, and posterolateral directions of the SEBT. Wii Fit balance scores that the game software generated also were recorded. Wii Fit balance activity scores had poor concurrent validity. Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit randomized controlled trial involved 30 ambulatory pediatric patients aged years with CP. Participants were randomized to either conventional balance training control group or to Wii-Fit balance-based video games training Wii group.

Both group received neuro-developmental treatment NDT during 24 sessions. In addition, while the control group received conventional balance training in each session, the Wii group played Nintendo Wii Fit games such as ski slalom, tightrope walk and soccer heading on balance board. After the treatment, changes in balance scores and independence level in activities of daily living were ificant P Wii -based game group compared with the control group in all balance tests and total Wee FIM score P Wii-fit balance-based video games are better at improving both static and performance-related balance parameters when combined with NDT treatment in children with mild CP.

Context: Interactive gaming systems have the potential to help rehabilitate patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Objective: To determine the concurrent validity of balance scores produced by the Wii Fit game and the intrasession and intersession reliability of Wii Fit balance scores. De: Descriptive laboratory study. Setting: Sports medicine research laboratory. Similarly, 11 of the 12 Wii Fit balance activity scores demonstrated.

Is the Nintendo Wii Fit really acceptable to older people? Background Interactive video games such as the Nintendo Wii Fit are increasingly used as a therapeutic tool in health and aged care settings however, their acceptability to older people is unclear.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

The aim of this study was to determine the acceptability of the Nintendo Wii Fit as a therapy tool for hospitalised older people using a discrete choice experiment DCE before and after exposure to the intervention. Methods A DCE was administered to 21 participants in an interview style format prior to, and following several sessions of using the Wii Fit in physiotherapy. The physiotherapist prescribed the Wii Fit activities, supervised and supported the patient during the therapy sessions. Attributes included in the DCE were: mode of therapy traditional or using the Wii Fitamount of therapy, cost of therapy program and percentage of recovery made.

Data was analysed using conditional fixed-effects logistic regression.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

Prior to commencing the therapy program participants were most concerned about therapy time avoiding programs that were too intensiveand the amount of recovery they would make. Following the therapy program, participants were more concerned with the mode of therapy and preferred traditional therapy programs over programs using the Wii Fit. Conclusions The usefulness of the Wii Fit as a therapy tool with hospitalised older people is limited not only by the small proportion of older people who are able to use it, but by older people's preferences for traditional approaches to therapy.

Mainstream media portrayals of the popularity of the Wii Fit with older people may not reflect the true acceptability in the older hospitalised population. Clinicians and researchers have used bathroom scales, balance performance monitors with feedback, postural scale analysis, and force platforms to evaluate weight bearing asymmetry WBA. Now video game consoles offer a novel alternative for assessing this construct.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

By using specialized software, the Nintendo Wii Fit balance board can provide reliable measurements of WBA in healthy, young adults. However, reliability of measurements obtained using only the factory settings to assess WBA in older adults and individuals with stroke has not been established. To determine whether measurements of WBA obtained using the Nintendo Wii Fit balance board and default settings are reliable in older adults and individuals with stroke.

Participants were given a standardized set of instructions and were not provided auditory or visual feedback. Two trials were performed. The ICC for the older adults sample was 0. The ICC for the sample including individuals with stroke was 0.

Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit Personal Vancouver boxingcross fit

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