Needs female tlc

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The kids, your careers, your friends—heck, even your delivery guy—can get more dedicated one-on-one time. Too often we take our spouses for granted. Not to mention, marriage is just plain hard. Like home renovation, repairing underlying structural problems requires long hours and major work.

Needs female tlc

But you can also give your relationship a little TLC with minor touch-ups—a quick coat of paint, if you will. The love hacks below are just that: simple and easy ways to improve your bond and give your marriage the love it needs to go the distance. The next time your spouse asks you to tune in to his favorite new song, grab an earbud and in the fun.

Needs female tlc

Sounds simple, right? Remember the last time your partner went off on a long tangent about the latest gaming system? Couples who were still together turned toward each other 87 percent of the time. Couples who managed to get more rest still bickered, but with more humor and kindness. Afterwards, those who had Needs female tlc said they were more confident their partner loved them—even when they knew they were being told what to do by the researchers. Researchers from the University of Essex asked two people to exchange a personal story of an interesting event that had happened to them in the last month.

Eli Finkel, a researcher at Northwestern, literally wrote the book on what makes a marriage work —so it makes sense that one of his most popular pieces of advice also became a hit TED talk. How might he or she find the good that could come from it? Did your partner forget to pick up milk on the way home?

Or neglect to answer your third text message? One of the biggest differences between happy and unhappy couples, researchers have foundis how they explain a perceived offense. A little generous thinking goes a long way. Once a week, make a list of all the ways your partner has made a solid contribution to your marriage, and check it twice. Afterwards, both groups felt a little more committed to their relationship, but the ones who had praised their partners felt ificantly more committed, and more grateful for their spouse.

The next time your spouse brags about the work presentation he totally nailed, give him a huge high-five and sincere praise. Studies show that sharing small victories with your partner give you a boost beyond just the high from the win itself. Couples who cheer each other on, even in the little moments, have a higher relationship well-being. Simply put, sex is important. One study even concluded sex is the most important aspect of marriagein terms of contributing to overall satisfaction. So just do it. We get it. Good babysitters are expensive and so are tickets to the movies nowadays.

But getting out of the house and having fun together is crucial for the health of your marriage. One study of more than 9, mothers found that couples who had a monthly date night were 14 percent less likely to split up over the next Needs female tlc years than couples who rarely ventured out. So go forth and frolic at least once a monthmoms! Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youTube rss. It's not always easy to be this happy, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Listen up—and respond. Get more sleep. It's not just good for your physical health—it helps heal your marriage too.

Needs female tlc

Hold hands. Put away your phone. Imagine your fight is being moderated by an outside observer. Picture what a therapist would say if she were listening in on your fight. Jump to good conclusions. Spouse running late? Don't get angry before you get the full story. Keep a gratitude journal. Schedule sex. Make date night a priority. Tags: Relationships Family. More Stories.

Needs female tlc

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