Need some servicing

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You can trust them to meet the highest standards set by the RAC — which means honest pricing, quality work and exceptional customer service are guaranteed. Plus, all our garages are friendly and will explain everything in a jargon-free way, so you can book with confidence today. Book a service. It keeps your car running safely and efficiently.

And it can save you money in the long run, by nipping in the bud any problems that could develop. Find out more in our handy car service checklist. Regular servicing helps maintain your car and keep it running smoothly. For example, having the oil and filters changed can stop dirt and dust from getting into your engine and potentially causing major problems.

Regular servicing can also save you money in the long run, by spotting minor issues before they become a bigger problem. Most manufacturers recommend having a full car service once a year or every 12, miles, whichever comes first. But this depends on your car and how you Need some servicing it. You can check your logbook to see when your car was last serviced.

Some cars also have a system that lets you know when a service is due. No, a car service is different to an MOT. An MOT is a mandatory test that makes sure your car meets legal requirements. A car service follows detailed guidelines from the manufacturer to keep your car in optimum condition. See below for more differences. The average cost of a service depends on which garage you go to and which type of service you choose. All services include a visual check.

Need some servicing

For example, looking at the bodywork and wheels. This varies from model to model. For example, bigger, more complex cars take longer to service. Depending on the garage, they could service your car while your wait. Or they may ask you to drop off your car in the morning and collect it later. Read our guide to finding the right garage to repair your car. Find everything you need for your car at the RAC Shop.

Need some servicing

We also offer breakdown cover for the UK and Europe. View our top maintenance tips on how to make your car last longer. We want to make the switch to electric as easy as possible. Book a car service today Find a trusted local garage with the RAC stamp of approval. Book a service What is a car service? Why do I need a car service? How often should I service my car? An MOT is an annual inspection that checks the safety and environmental impact of a vehicle.

in our MOT guide A car service is deed to maintain the condition and performance of your car. Alloy wheel keys or locking nuts We need Need some servicing to remove your wheels, so we can check your steering and suspension systems. An empty boot If you have a spare tyre, our technicians will need to check it. So make sure you remove any personal items from the boot.

Your service book We need to see when certain things were last replaced. For example, brake fluid and spark plugs. This information is in your service book. Other products. Book your MOT. MOT due? Book your MOT online. Find out more. Car repairs. Car accessories. Breakdown Cover. We also offer breakdown cover for the UK and Europe. View our top maintenance tips on how to make your car last longer .

Need some servicing

Thinking of getting an electric car? We want to make the switch to electric as easy as possible. Service type. Service interval.

Need some servicing

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