M looking for someone interesting

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Google told me. This morning I logged on to do my monthly check of our website analytics. As I settled in with my coffee to peruse our latest s, search hits and demographics, I stumbled upon an interesting little finding. While scrolling through our top search terms what people search to get to the Science of People website I found this phrase was at the top of the list:.

Interesting it seems is a secret wish, a secret we tell only to search engines. Well, worry no more! We keep our ideas inside. Bottom line:. Fear shuts us down. It not only shuts down are desire to share interesting things, it also shuts down our desire to do interesting things.

If you are worried you are not interesting, your fear prevents you from trying interesting things, talking about interesting topics and engaging with interesting people. But guess what?

M looking for someone interesting

You are in direct control of how interesting a person you are. Interestingness and laziness are inversely proportional. I call this the lazy law:. Have you ever met a lazy talker? Oh wow, you watch Netflix? How interesting! Do you watch it on your iPad or computer? This is not interesting. If you come home every day after work and watch the same shows everyone else is watching and do the lowest common denominator of activities, then you have no chance of being interesting. These are all default topics. Why even bother with these questions?

Break auto-pilot and social scripts with your questions — you will be rewarded with great answers.

M looking for someone interesting

But you can do it! You just have to fight to be interesting by breaking out of autopilot. One of the easiest ways to stimulate interesting conversation is to ask people about:. Decide that you are going to uncover every interesting tidbit about every person you meet. First, it informs my questions to be more specific. Second, I assume they are already interesting — I just need to uncover what it is.

M looking for someone interesting

The final step to being interesting is to find interesting people to hang out with. Interesting people encourage the people around them to do interesting things, to talk about interesting topics and engage with interesting ideas. Who is the most well-traveled person you know?

M looking for someone interesting

Thought of someone for each prompt? Now go hang out with them. They are your interesting tribe.

M looking for someone interesting

Learn how to make friends as adults non-awkwardly. Bottom Line: If you want to be interesting, put some work into it! Remember, laziness is the enemy of interesting. Her groundbreaking book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People has been translated into more than 16 languages. As a recovering awkward person, Vanessa helps millions find their inner charisma. She regularly le innovative corporate workshops and helps thousands of M looking for someone interesting professionals in her online program People School.

Article Writer Edwards has an interesting name —invented in the s by a literary giant. One area I feel could be added is volunteering and being of service to greater causes. The most interesting people I know are those who help at arts festivals or who go to or build protests, and who serve others in their community or beyond. They have visions of a better world or a great community or scene, and they act on it regularly in all sorts of ways. They are the ones who end up changing the world. In the end, books and movies get written about what they were part of and accomplished.

Acting for collective good is interesting. Oh my, I so needed that little wake up call. Just by reading this makes me realize how uninteresting I am. Just wow. Thanks Vanessa. Your work really brightens my days. Thank you so much for this advice it will help me a lot but I still got a little fear of showing my true self can you show more information about being fearless when trying to be interesting around others. Wow, this is super helpful Vanessa. I try to be interesting but I usually do it from the place of panic and stress. I really was missing out on important things.

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M looking for someone interesting M looking for someone interesting

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