Looking for quiter

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Looking for quiter

Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Dec 31, Hey guys, i've been surfin around looking for some less noisy mufflers for my chevelle. The ones i have are 2 chamber flowmasters, they're noisy as hell and i think i'm ready for my car to be quieter again.

I don't want silent though, i want to have a touch of sound when Looking for quiter get on it. Problem is, i have no idea how to tell what muffler i want, every muffler i see online seems to boast "great sound, good rumble" or somethinig like that, how do i figure out how loud a muffler is and maybe how can i find out how loud mine are for refrence?

As it is now, ALL i can hear when i drive right now is my exhaust noise. I'd like something that i can easily hear the radio over, but when i press the gas, you can still hear the exhaust just a bit. I think somehting along the lines of how suburbans sound?

Looking for quiter

ed May 12, That's a tough one. I've seen thre on this site with attached sound and or video files of exhaust changes. It get complicated further when considering tube diameter and x-pipe or h-pipe influence. Flowmaster has sound files on their web site but not sure if others do. Search this site for Magnaflo, Spintech, American Thunder. Lots of discussions just like this. ed Nov 25, I would suggest the 30 series Flowmaster. I had them on a slightly warmer-then-stockand they were perfect. I was able to have a conversastion with someone standing 10 feet away without screaming.

With the new motor in, they got a lot louder, but still nothing bad. Had to elevate your voice a little, but nothing bad. You could still here the radio without cranking it. ed Nov 6, The 2 chamber Flowmasters have a nice sound at idle but are pretty bad about resonating in the interior of the car at driving speed. One step quieter would be a set of Goerlich Xcelerators. Very nice deep rumble when you get on it but ificantly quieter at speed than a 2 chamber Flowmaster.

Another step quieter would Looking for quiter a set of Dynomax Super Turbos. They have just a slightly quieter rumble under hard acceleration and quiet down nicely at speed. Either of these mufflers will also have a higher flow rating than the Flowmasters so they are good for performance as well. ed Oct 3, Also remember that longer is quieter.

Looking for quiter

Look for a 20" muffler or so. ed Apr 26, My exhaust system is an older Flowmaster system with cross-over pre-American Thunder? I had a shop cut off my flows and install these in their place Still hard to have a conversation on the freeway, but its a convertible Of course, at the same time I was having a convertible top installed and then I put the interior back in, so maybe thats why I think its quieter now It was waiting at the upholstery shop, so I had the exhaust shop next door install the mufflers Thanks for the tips guys, i'm looking for "alot" quieter though.

Looking for quiter

Rickster, thanks for that part, i'l check it out, though i imagine though this is totally arbitrary i'm probably looking for like steps quieter. ed Jun 19, I would ask Mark, xtreme70SS which Pypes mufflers he has on his I personally heard it and sat in it while he revved it and it was exactly Looking for quiter I want.

Great sound outside, but we were able to talk at low levels inside while he revved it. I am probably looking for the same thing you are, and those are the mufflers I have decided on. ed Jan 14, I think I may have a good suggestion for you. Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers classic. Don't be fooled by the "Cherry Bomb" name. These aren't anything like the old glass pack mufflers! My car has these mufflers. I have a big block and it sounds really nice through these mufflers. Nice mean sounding idle, but not too loud at all.

At cruising speeds the car is VERY quiet inside, not sure how it sounds outside. When I stomp on it, the car screams. That may have something to do with the though. The mufflers are all welded, aluminized steel that is powder coated black. They also are a lot better flowing muffler than your Flowmasters.

Looking for quiter

They advertise them as "Smooth, mellow performance sound". I'm actually gonna go with a little more aggressive sounding muffler, but I've always liked obnoxiously loud hotrods. I'll scan the from my Vortex catalog and post it up in a minute.

This is the the Classic style muffler.

Looking for quiter

They now have a 2nd version of the Vortex muffler, but I'm not familiar with that one. ed May 24, As Jeff mentioned above, I have Pypes mufflers on my '70 - I got the 18" street pros, ceramic coated. I can actually hear inside the car!! From the rear of the car they have a nice, aggressive sound - particularly when I step on it. They Looking for quiter by NO means as quiet as a Suburban.

Pypes was very helpful in this process for me, and sound clips of the '70SS on their website is of my car with the 18" street pros. It's an aggressive sound that based on what you wrote above may be louder than what you want. It's a muscular sound that I like, and everyone that has heard the car likes it as well - I get questions about the sound at every show I attend.

If you want quieter than I've got, your best bet is with the magnaflows, they don't really broadcast too much more noise than a factory stock musclecar exhaust, which is what it sounds like you're after. Good luck - I know it's a tough process! ed Jun 1, Mark, You have the 2. Remember I ran the 14" Street Pro's, but I had to take them off cause they were too loud Looking for quiter me. I'm running the 3" system, so I think thats what made the muffs too loud for me. Very quite and idle cruise, and hell unleashed at WOT. Point is, if you have a 2. This is from a thread where I posted some clips: Sound clips back by popular demand.

I love it. Note: please do not make fun of my starter not engaging on the 1st try, I just won a ZZ take-off starter on ebay - it will be on soon! MPG Even though I haven't really driven it, car feels even stronger! Can't be by much though, those StreetPros have high flow 's. Car idles nicer too, go figure. After listening to Mark's system, I think his is quieter than the Vortex. I think you would like his setup better. ed Jan 18, ed Sep 12, This assumes you have a big block. He is in Dublin and is completely honest and trustworthy.

He did my car and many of the cars in the Nor-Cal Chevelle Club. He will give you the straight scoop based on your motor type. Vince - Yes, I have the 2. I can't imagine what the 14" muffs with 3" exhaust would sound like. It would have been great to hear your thoughts on the 18" street pros vs the 18" magnaflows, too bad they didn't have them stocked when you needed.

Looking for quiter

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