Looking for cool black girl

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in. I used to be the coolest black girl. Sarah Stockdale wrote about the cool girl trope in tech inspired by the cool girl outline from the book Gone Girl. Black girls have our own version of the cool girl. The cool black girl is urban but not hood. And above all else, she never — ever — makes a white person feel uncomfortable about race. Accusing someone of racism — particularly when that person is saying things that make them sound racist — is the cardinal sin for a cool black girl. We can take it. Go ahead, shit on me. I can take it.

The cool black girl in my industry is one of the white guys. She tells herself not to sound too black before she speaks to her colleagues. She puts more effort into pronouncing Tchaikovsky then pronouncing the names of her colleagues of color. She makes them feel better for making her feel worse, because she knows she needs this job more than anyone.

Looking for cool black girl

The cool black girl persona was so damaging. Something needed to be done about her once I experienced some harassment — repeated wolf whistles at work, unsolicited bae calling at work, ass cheek brushing at a work party, sentence interjections, racially motivated neggingsexual messages — that kind of harassment. You could risk losing your job. Focus on getting to know them. I would have spoken up had someone validated my emotions at the time.

In making others comfortable, I was making myself sick. She enables gender and racial discrimination from both men and women. She helps people silence her, myself, and black women. She needs to go the fuck away. We must put an end to this trope, as black women, as women, as a society. With the lack of positive representation of black women on television, it is important for positive role models in real life to step up and teach our young women.

Be a role model of how you can lead a successful career while supporting black women and minority colleagues. Teach her how to challenge those around her to not conflate blackness with poor portrayals of black people on television — Instead challenge them to look to positive narratives like Hidden Figures. Empower her to do good work while staying true to herself. Speak up if you see racist, sexist, or just plain awful behavior at your company or school.

Challenge corporate norms and values that can lead to sexist AND racist nonsense. Most of recruiting and retention in my industry is currently not built to look for or keep Looking for cool black girl talent. Not every black woman applying for a job is interested in ping-pong, beer, video games, or whatever others gimmicks used to attract and retain employees. The idea is to not redefine the proper way for a black woman to conform so the industry can see our value and understand who we are. It informs us when things matter to us, helps us breakdown stereotypes, helps us to standup for ourselves and other people, and right wrongs.

Looking for cool black girl

She pursues projects from start to finish. She will well you the truth. You have to rise.

Looking for cool black girl

We no longer deserve to have our emotions policed and mismanaged. We will no longer use a coping mechanism to remain silent in core industries. We must embrace the full force of our womanhood and our strength if we want to become successful in our industries. If we need to cry, scream, or simply talk assertivelythen we must do it. Maybe then will black women have the confidence to be themselves in their schools, in their careers, and contribute to future innovations. Interested in the idea of creative machines, and the intersection of art and tech.

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Looking for cool black girl

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