Just friends passing time

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S even years ago, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer before dying three and a half years later. It was a horrible time, during which I relied heavily on support from friends and family. While I made sure to thank the people who were there for me, I noticed that most remained worried about doing and saying the right thing.

Ninety-five percent of the time, they naturally did. I understand the concern. I know the people who put up photos of my father on Facebook after he died to say they missed him thought they were being kind, but every time it knocked the breath out of me to see his face.

Just friends passing time

I was never ready for it. Though it was a lovely photo and a nice reminder of where we get our brown eyes and butt chins frommy brother was at work and not expecting it, and so had gotten pretty upset.

Just friends passing time

He did so much! That was not the time. The NHS might not fund a new one, and we might not be able to cover it ourselves. So their step-mother not their biological mother died? Perhaps to an ex rather than current partner? I know quite a few people who have had this happen to them after bad news. I found support in the yoga and meditation community, and I think part of the reason why is that I found it by myself without anyone preaching to me.

But unless you check on them at 3 a. What we all do know, though, is that appearances can be deceiving. I lost weight and hair and, for a while, also my period. The sender had three-and-a-half years to send it.

Just friends passing time

Any day before that one would have been fine. Just do it. So just say something. The feeling that someone cares about you and your pain can be so comforting. I had people I barely knew express sympathy, and it definitely really helped. I tend to still reach out to them, but quickly afterwards back off. Is it? I approve. Postcards, formal bereavement letters, s, WhatsApp pings, texts and Facebook messages. Vouchers for yoga classes and theatre tickets from a group of old schoolmates who wanted to cheer my whole family up.

My aunt moved in with us, memorized how we all take tea and coffee, made every single meal for us and, one evening, dragged lamps from all around the house into the bathroom so I could bathe in more luxurious lighting. But if there was any good intention there, whatever it was, I appreciated it. If they do initiate a conversation, make space for their words without necessarily feeling the need to interject.

Without any Just friends passing time thing to say to make it all better, just give them the space to express themselves and feel heard. I personally found comfort in others agreeing that things were shit. I personally felt very isolated being 24 and not knowing anyone else going through the same thing. At a ripened 31 now, this has changed quite a bit, and I gain a lot from talking to other members of the Dead D Club.

Just friends passing time

Linking members to any community like this could be hugely helpful. Being sad is lonely. The London streets outside were a mash-up of fireworks, cheering and loud gales of laughter following the popping of bottles and smashing of glasses — all while I lay in a ward bed wondering if my father would make it through the night. All night long, I received messages from close friends and family — most crazily drunk, a few probably high, all just lovely.

Knowing the world goes on despite your pain can feel alienating, but voices from the outside reminding you that they care, is the technological equivalent of having your hand held through it all. My mother found comfort in an SOS system some of her girlfriends set up for her.

She said she never used it, but slept better knowing that she could. But it definitely made me feel like death was dirty and that there was something unsayable about what was happening to us. You can say it. So try to figure out what they want to hear. I just hate further upsetting already absolutely devastated people. Just friends passing time you think they can take it, make a horrible joke. My already-grim sense of humor only darkened during this period.

I still make jokes about my dad dying and found myself laughing through my tears every day in the hospital at the end with my family. Sadness and joy are intertwined and I know this not just from my own experience, but also from the label of a yogi tea I drank last week. Your call. What a helpful list this is! Anxiety about doing and saying the right thing is really natural.

But trust your good instincts in wanting to help. Be your kindest self and either ask them directly or try to figure out what they need. at letters time. Nick Dolding—Getty Images. By Amy Hoggart. Hoggart is a writer, comedian and a correspondent on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. TIME Ideas hosts the world's leading voices, providing commentary on events in news, society, and culture. We welcome outside contributions.

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Just friends passing time

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Just friends passing time

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