Anyone want to come hang out

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Anyone want to come hang out

I feel like I don't have any friends. I feel like people at work only tolerates me but don't care to be around me for extended periods of time. It so depressing. I've been on a work trip away from home for months and except for just a couple times, I've spent all my time off work in my hotel room alone.

Anyone want to come hang out

The people that I'm working with hang out amongst themselves all the time. They're always inviting each other to go out. I've thought about inviting people to go out but by the time I get to them, they already have plans. I make it very, very, painfully obvious that I'm going to be doing nothing and I still don't get invited. I don't get what I'm doing wrong. I have spent ninety percent of my off time alone and I'm so tired of it. I'm fucking bored and the longer this goes on the more I think that I'm just a weirdo loser that no one likes. I don't even want to do some outlandish crap.

An hour in a restaurant where a few people just talk and hang out would be great. I hang out with people from work who I like hanging out with during work. I'm probably not going to want to go out in a social setting with someone unless I know they can hang. And by hang I mean I don't have to babysit and keep checking in with. Someone who is spontaneous and outgoing, doesn't take shit too seriously and can relax and can a conversation with pretty much anyone.

Anyone want to come hang out

So I'd recommend during work hours start chatting people up about random stuff and have fun during work. Work doesn't have to be serious all the time. Tell jokes look up a bunch on the internet and put the good ones in your phone. Bring in snacks for everyone, say good morning to everyone, smile more, address people by their name, talk to new people, ask people if they did anything fun last weekend, etc.

Most of the time it just seems those who aren't very social take life too seriously and don't know how to just relax and don't have good eye contact, or too intense eye contact. Body language Also don't worry about people seeing changes in you, it seems like a lot of people don't want to start being more outgoing because people might judge them for that. No one cares. Talk to everyone all day long.

Talk to store clerks, janitors, construction workers, old ladies, whoever This is difficult at first but after a few months it gets easier and easier. OP should try to develop rapport with his coworkers during the day, so that by the time it's time to relax, including him in plans would be a natural segue.

Unfortunately, it's a catch In order to be someone that people would want to spend time with, you have to have people in the same environment who want to spend time with you who is also appealing to the masses. Even in this situation, everyone would be attracted to your friend and you'd be left by the wayside. The only advice I can give you is that if you're an introvert, you're only going to drive yourself crazy and into a deep pit of despair and depression if you worry about things like this. Your only solace is to Anyone want to come hang out on work and, if it's within your ability, curry favour with the bosses, because that's how you actually get ahead, not through hard work.

Being social is a loop you need to get into. If you want people to spend time with you, try to spend time with people.

Anyone want to come hang out

This can be anyone and it's a start at the loop. If you're an introvert like me, you'll find this loops exists for being lonely too. If you find yourself back in this loop, pick up on that thought and go to a random bar.

Anyone want to come hang out

If you're relatively young say 20 - 30pick up on some older people 50 - 60 and go see what they're talking about. Or pick someone drinking alone and ask "I'm new here, do you come here often? Just listen to them. Bonus for you is you get to talk to someone although not the people you intended. But you are out there and might stumble into more people. Eventually it becomes a habit for you to talk with people. Another thing you might want to work on: mood affects mood. People want to hang with happy people so they can be happy themselves. Being down is okay and talk to people if you need help.

People just tend to slip away from someone who's draining attention to negative feelings. One final thought I'd like to give you: let it go. You might really want to befriend someone but it's more like catching a delicate butterly rather than catching a thief. If they want to fly away let them go for a while. You could shoot them a message to see if they want to hang but if they don't reply, let them be. We can go talk with our buddies in the bar. Found the internet! Why doesn't anyone want to hang out with me? Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Anyone want to come hang out Anyone want to come hang out

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